MESH streaming

made easy

Peerplug MESH streaming technology increases OTT service quality and reduces maintenance costs

Boost your OTT service by switching to

AI assisted MESH streaming model

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Easy to integrate

Peerplug integration for popular platforms is easy and fully automatic.

Peerplug allows no code, simple integration for Android and iOS OTT apps. Switching to MESH streaming has never been easier. Your app will be ready in mere minutes with fully automated process. Compatible with all CDNs, agnostic to DRM and video codecs. No service side changes required.

Instant results

Peerplug-enabled apps suffer less buffering interruptions and provide better user experience.

MESH model does not rely on a single link from a client to your streaming server and therefore less prone to network disruption. In case of network outrage or overload Peerplug engine automatically switches to MESH networking to prevent buffering or video quality reduction.


Save big

Save on CDN expanses or reduce service load by utilizing MESH delivery.

Peerplug-enabled apps use MESH networking to deliver up to 95% of the video. Your CDN is only used during very low network load and to allow faster startup. Minimizing CDN expanses allows OTT service providers to start streaming in UHD(4k) format without incurring additional maintenance costs.


Peerplug MESH streaming engine is beneficial even for ISP OTT service providers.

Peer-to-peer functionality has long been deemed non beneficial for Internet Service Providers as it puts strain on their network infrastructure. Peerplug engine flexibility actually reverses that by only interconnecting peers that will not put pressure on your weak links so MESH streaming model is now a good option even for ISP.

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Be in Control

Fine tune the mesh to your needs and see it in real time.

Peerplug engine is built with big Enterprise use in mind. Add/Remove additional users, fine tune the mesh rules to save traffic between your different autonomous systems and prevent overload of the weak links in your network topology. See the results in real-time using Peerplug client console.