Be in control

Fine tune the mesh to your needs and see it in real time.




A huge benefit of Peerplug solution is being fully automatic in integration while still enabling the user to set a strict rules and completely control how the MESH networking is being utilized. Where should it be utilized and to what extent. Results and valuable information about the service is presented in a easy to use interface and even allows to see the MESH streaming in real time.

Peerplug user console:



Peerplug user console allows the user to administer Peerplug SDK instances, control their behavior and see the results.


Please note, some configuration options, like multi-tenancy(users) are optional depending on your Peerplug license.


Live status page shows the MESH streaming engine live status. Live page allows you to see real-time results of:

  • Provisioned users - Amount of your device/app instances that are currently running.

  • Active users - Amount of your device/app instances that are actively streaming video content.

  • Live traffic stats - How much traffic per second is being currently consumed from your CDN and how much goes peer-to-peer.

  • Period overview of “last 24 hours”, “last hour” or “last 15 minutes” - Total traffic amount and Provisioned/Active results of the selected period presented in a graphical form.


Reports page allows you to see history and statistics about various parameters and user habits of your app:

  • Traffic - shows traffic usage reports for various periods, including statistics.

  • Peer provision - shows when your users run your device/app (idle or not), including statistics.

  • Peer activity - shows when your users stream content and what content they stream.

  • Geo location - shows the Geo location of your users, including history (network based).

  • Peers - shows the detailed information about your user devices*.

  • Streams - shows all streams that Peerplug engine has identified and allows naming them for proper representation

* No personal identifiable information is gathered. Only technical parameters of the device and a random number assigned to represent it in Peerplug console. Peerplug is GDPR compliant.



This is the main configuration page of the Peerplug MESH streaming engine. The default values there is what suits 99% of the customers but in case you want to fine tune it, you can. The section contains over a hundred different parameters you can set to fine tune Peerplug to your needs. For detailed information, please consult our Knowledge Base. Some of the most prominent ones are:

  • Should users use their “uplink” when on 3G/4G/5G ?

  • Should users interconnect between different ISPs ?

  • Various parameters as to should Peerplug try to more proactively prevent buffering interruptions, save CDN/traffic or balance between the two.

  • Uplink congestion control - Peerplug aims to work “seamlessly” by default with low QoS so if user is using his uplink, Peerplug will not.

  • Segmentation control (see Peerplug for ISP section).

  • What streams should be accelerated and what streaming formats should peerplug try to detect.

  • How peerplug should identify streams (fully AI based identification by default).

  • Cache settings and properties (RAM/disk or both)

  • What data-links Peerplug can use for peer-to-peer communications (RFC8445, upnp, tcp, ipv6)

  • Various networking fine tuning parameters allow you to utilize lower level platform capabilities even if your high level framework doesn’t expose them.


This page allows you to integrate your service with Peerplug. You can use fully automated Integration or download a standalone one-liner SDK.

This section also shows you the information you need if your are using third party services that support Peerplug integration.


This section allows defining additional users that you can allow to access your peerplug console with limited access. For example, a user can be created that will only be able to see all the reports and statistics but not alter any of the configurations.