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One of the highest priorities of any OTT service is being able to actually deliver the content form the source servers to the end-user client devices.

The task may seem easy at first but turns out to be very hard to achieve in the long run. Being able to deliver high quality and stable video stream to the users is a must to maintain high service quality and drive user satisfaction.

Usual video streaming problems:

Video streaming interruption a.k.a “buffering” or quality reduction can happen due to large amount of reasons:

  • Some link between the user and the source server is overloaded

  • Some router between the user and the source server is malfunctioning

  • Sudden peak above maximal available bandwidth on the OTT service backend

  • User device is unable to download the higher quality fast enough

Some of those can be partly mitigated by using load balancing and Adaptive Bitrate but neither are perfect.

  • Load balancing - addresses the service capacity problem by adding more servers, results in higher maintaince costs.

  • Adaptive Bitrate - addresses the service capacity problem by reducing quality, results in lower service quality.

Neither address a problem with link and/or router on the route connecting the user to the source being overloaded and/or malfunctioning, moreover, stability of those are usually out of OTT service provider control.

Peerplug MESH Streaming solution:


By utilizing Peerplug MESH streaming solution OTT service provider can solve most of the mentioned problems by using the Internet in more native, Inter-connected way instead of relying on the “one-to-all” model.

Each user in MESH streaming model acts as both the consumer and the distributor. Now let’s analyze how that solves the problems we had before:

  • Some link/router on the route between the user and the source server is overloaded

Peerplug engine will download content from other users bypassing the problematic route.

  • Sudden peak above maximum available bandwidth

Peerplug engine will share the content being downloaded therefore the service load is almost constant and is not tied to the amount of users. No quality reduction on interruptions during sudden unexpected peak in usage

  • User device is unable to download the higher quality fast enough

By utilizing MESH delivery each user has more options to download from then the single source server. Therefore Peerplug enabled app/device will download from the source service and from other users simultaneously to improve download speed. This results in higher picture quality.

All those optimizations are down behind the scenes by Peerplug's AI, no user interaction is required.

Future proofing your service:

We, as humans, always innovate. In a lot of cases technology goes forward very rapidly and this is especially a case with modern consumer electronics. Most of modern TV sets have 4k resolutions and most content is being filmed in even higher quality but we still don’t see 4K streaming services delivering that lovely show at Monday evening in 4k.

OTT operators tend to limit streaming quality to 720p or 1080p to save bandwidth.

MESH streaming technology allows broadcasting in higher quality without costly upgrades to you service. Be one of the first to start broadcasting your content in 4K and ensure your OTT service future.

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